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Yamamoto : Preamplifier CA-03L

Yamamoto : Preamplifier CA-03L

Brand: Yamamoto
Preamplifier CA-03L

Product #: CA-03L


GST exclusive

GST exclusive


Preamplifier CA-03L


the usual preamplification-stage triodes to employ pentodes instead, which Mr. Yamamoto stresses is a very important part of the zero NFB design and provides high clarity and fast response while maintaining tonal quality, musicality and low noise. Yamamoto-San states that the "tone quality is natural and hardness nonexistent". He stresses that the combination of no feedback and pentodes gives both a high signal-to-noise ratio and natural timbres. The CA-03 uses a total of six Telefunken 6AK5Ws (1 for line, 2 for phono preamplification per channel) for an output of 8V. Frequency response is 10Hz - 150 kHz (-0.5db).

The phono stage features selectable cartridge loading of 47k/1k/100-ohm and an output impedance of 1.6kohm. The line amplifier gain is 14dB (about 5 times the source signal) and the chassis size measures 420mm W x 290mm D x 94mm H and weighs 6.3 kg. As on the CA-04, the control knobs are African Ebony.


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