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Kenny Burrell : Blue Lights, Volume Two

Stereo Version

Volume Two of this highly acclaimed live date has never sounded better.

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Product #: BST 1597-Stereo
Format: 200 Gram Vinyl Record / LP
Label: Classic Records (Blue Note)
Genre: Jazz

price: NZD$50.00
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GST exclusive

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Kenny Burrell : Guitar Forms

It's sad but true: the work done by arrangers of jazz music is very necessary - especially for a large ensemble - but they are caught up in a conflict between the exact notation of the composer and contemporaneously the wishes for free improvisation by the soloists.

So often their work is not taken notice of by fans, or is criticized by the musicians, and record companies only pay them badly, if at all. All the more reason then to admire the excellent arrangements for various combinations of instruments, which Gil Evans produced during the course of his career.

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Product #: Verve V6-8612
Format: 180gram Vinyl Record
Label: Speakers Corner - Verve
Genre: Jazz

price: NZD$45.00
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GST exclusive

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Kenny Burrell With Coleman Hawkins : Bluesey Burrell


45rpm Numbered Limited Edition 

This session is a model of the emotionally intense ballad programs featured on Prestige's Moodsville subsidiary.   When the session had ended and heads were being counted to see who would return to Manhattan in what car, there was an air of completion and satisfaction in the stuido.

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Product #: AJAZ 29
Format: 45rpm 2LPs 180 gram vinyl
Label: Speakers Corner (Analogue Productions)
Genre: Jazz

price: NZD$70.00
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GST exclusive

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