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Dave Brubeck Quartet : At Carnegie Hall

At Carnegie Hall is a date that showcases all of the finest elements of the storied Brubeck Quartet that featured, alongside Brubeck's piano, alto innovator Paul Desmond, bassist Eugene Wright, and Joe Morello on drums.

First the rhythm section: On this February night in 1963 -- either the 21 or 22nd depending on which side of the cover you believe -- W.C. Handy's "St. Louis Blues" was given a knotty rhythmic workout it had never seen on Basin or Bourbon Street

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Product #: Columbia C2S 826
Format: Vinyl Record
Label: Speakers Corner (Columbia)
Genre: Jazz

price: NZD$70.00
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GST exclusive

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Dave Brubeck Quartet : Time Further Out; Miro Reflections


Limited Edition Numbered.

Time Further Out: Miro Reflections is a jazz interpretation of the Joan Miro Painting: 1925, which appears on the cover of this album.  Conceived as a blues suite, each reflection is in the form of 12 bar blues or a variation thereof.

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Product #: CS 8490
Format: Vinyl Record / LP
Label: Columbia - Impex Records
Genre: Jazz

price: NZD$60.00
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