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Chuck Berry : Chuck Berry is on Top/St Louis To Liverpool

Gold CD 

TAS Rated 5/5 Music, 3.5/5 Sonics in the November 2008 Issue of The Absolute Sound!

After the laborious but rewarding work put into their Little Richard hits package (SACD 2028) in 2006, MoFi turned its sight on finalizing the production on two classic albums by the legendary Chuck Berry.

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Product #: MOBGCD 776
Format: Compacg Disc GOLD
Label: Mobile Fidelity
Genre: Rock / Pop

price: NZD$55.00
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GST exclusive

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Chuck Berry:St.Louis To Liverpool


Review by Bruce Eder

This album puts the lie to the popular myth that Chuck Berry's music started to fade away around the same time that the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, et al. emerged covering his stuff. His songwriting is as strong here as ever -- side one is packed with now-familiar fare like "Little Marie" (a sequel to "Memphis, Tennessee"), "No Particular Place to Go," "Promised Land," and "You Never Can Tell," but even filler tracks like "Our Little Rendezvous" and "You Two" are among Berry's better album numbers, the latter showing off the slightly softer pop/R&B side to his music that many listeners forget about. Side two includes a bunch of tracks, including the hard-rocking "Go Bobby Soxer" and the even better "Brenda Lee," the slow blues "Things I Used to Do" (with a killer guitar break), and the instrumentals "Liverpool Drive" and "Night Beat," one fast and the other slow, that never get reissued or compiled anywhere.


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Product #: Chess LP-1488
Format: 180gram Vinyl Record / LP
Label: Speakers Corner/Chess
Genre: Pop

price: NZD$45.00
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GST exclusive

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