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About Us

Intamusic Imports was established in Tauranga, New Zealand in 2008, by Jim Walker, former owner of Jim‘s Music Room, and with the assistance of Jacqui Main, Jim's partner.


Jim’s mission through Intamusic Imports is to deliver a fast and affordable service supplying reissues of analogue vinyl records to audiophile vinyl record enthusiasts throughout Australia. 


This web site has been specifically set up for our buyers of vinyl records Australia, 180 gram vinyl records, 200 gram vinyl records, super audio compact disc (SACD), extended resolution compact discs (XRCD) and HiFi Equipment.



Jim has been a part of the HiFi and vinyl record business for more than thirty years. As the owner of Jim's Music Room Ltd, a well-known and highly respected specialist music and HiFi shop in Tauranga, Jim gained a reputation for his extensive knowledge, and passion for audiophile vinyl records and high end HiFi equipment.


Under his guidance Jim's Music Room remained a steadfastly independent retailer, maintaining a product range of vinyl records and sacds that were carefully selected for their musical values, unlike the bland commercial fare offered by the larger chains that usually slavishly followed the dictates of large multi-national record companies. 


Jim has in the past and also today promotes vinyl records in Australia and hopes that his love of this media will enable more customers and potential customers in Australia to appreciate vinyl as it is today.


Jim’s passion for this industry is lifelong and this is demonstrated by the fact that when he sold Jim's Music Room in December 2004, he decided to retain a small financial interest in the store and to continue working for the new owners on a part-time basis.


Jim has an extensive knowledge of audiophile musical recordings in general, and 180 gram and 200 gram audiophile vinyl records in particular, and he believes they produce a superior sound to that of the digital formats.


He is a big fan of high end HiFi products, and analogue turntables, cartridges, tone arms, and valve or tube amplifiers hold a special fascination for him. 

Jim likes nothing more than chatting either by phone or through email to people in Australia about the products that are on his web site.  Jim and Jacqui are only too happy to accommodate most requests from customers in Australia. 

If our Australian customers are interested in items that are not on our web site, please email us and we will endeavour to bring your request to your home.

This site contains audiophile vinyl records from the world’s best recording artists and manufacturers.


Jim and Jacqui have unleashed their passion on this site, stocking products that they both love and believe in.  Together Jim and Jacqui will bring to you the customers the quality of vinyl records that was and will always be. We are keen to share our knowledge and passion with other enthusiast of vinyl records and the HiFi Equipment.


You will also find us on Stereo Net in Australia. 


We welcome Australia to the home of pure unadulterated audiophilia!


Now available in Australia for Australian vinyl record lovers.

     IntaMusic © 2007
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